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Barry crocker dating priscilla presley

The artists, performers, wifes, girlfriends, muses, groupies and all other ladies with distinctive styles for your fashion inspiration.Icon: Priscilla Ann Wagner a.k.a Priscilla Presley Born: 24th May (gemini) 1945, New York City, U. Height: 1,63m Known-for: ex-wife of Elvis Presley, actress Story: Priscilla was born in 1945 to 19 year old Ann Iversen and US Navy pilot James Wagner.

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In 1948 her mother was married to United States Air Force officer Paul Beaulieu and he was the only father she knew before discovering the "family secret".Priscilla grew up in her own words as "a shy, pretty little girl unhappily accustomed moving from base to base every two or three years" due to her fathers career.In 1956 after living in Texas Beaulieus moved to Wiesbaden, Germany.Priscilla spend her free time at the Eagles Club, where she met Currie Grant who eventually introduced her to his friend Elvis Presley in 1September 959 during Elvis's stay in the army at Germany.Priscilla was only 14 during the meeting but made an huge impression on Elvis.Couple met frequently after this until Elvis left Germany in March 1960.

After this couple stayed in touch over phone and finally 1962 Priscillas parents let her visit him for two weeks.

During her stay she took her fist amphetamines and sleeping pills to keep up with Elvis' lifestyle.

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