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Bookworm dating site

For example, allows you to choose any name you want, provided that it’s not explicit.The site will then assign a three digit number next to the name.

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Granted that this is not a very creative way to establish your identity, but for a lot of people, this process takes away the pressure of having to come up with a catchy screen name. At, members are allowed to use up to 128 characters that they can divide however they choose between a name and a tagline (a slogan or statement that describes and defines their personality).These names gives the reader a clue of the member’s style and personality.Some Tips To Help You Pick A Good Screen Name Avoid picking a screen name that is too explicit or too graphic.For example, names such as naughtykitty, Ezbrod, Hard1, etc.Many other sites have the same requirements for assigning a screen name.The simplest way to establish a screen name is to use your own name, plus the assigned number that the site provides.

But better yet, show some personality and try to think of a more unique and interesting name that better displays your character, personality, and/or passions.

Some real examples of catchy screen names from several popular dating sites include: Qtblondbomb, Surfworld, LAreefer, Bookworm, Iluvcats, Fitgirl, Veganlover, Funindasun.

All dating sites require that their members create a screen name.

This is the name that will be shown on all your postings next to your photo and profile.

It’s the name that you will be known by to all initial prospects, both members and non-members.

Some dating sites give their members the flexibility to get creative on coming up with interesting screen names, while other sites just take your name and add their own ID code to it.