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Bride seekers dating service

You would love to find somebody truly special who will love you for you, but feel frustrated with the whole process? And it costs cheaper than running into scam or replacing a real person with your fantasy..And it delivers you much more than a "background check" [link to a good background check agency]We can do that too of course, but we can turn simple errands into something more interesting.

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After two days of dealing with Russian brides and a bottle of wine consumed single handedly (guttedly?) in an attempt to restore my intellectual and spiritual integrity I came up with the following proposition.For $100 I will spend several hours making a futile but intense and earnest attempt to explain you all the absurdity of yanking a woman from what essentially is a middle age society and transplanting her into the present-day America.In the unlikely case of your following my advice, you also send me a cheque in the amount equivalent to just 1% of what you'd pay for the adventure after you realize the true value of my words. Not only do I appreciate the brilliance and insight of you analysis, but also the humor.None of our services cater to this type of visitor. We discourage behaviour that further increases risk level, and certainly do not want to associate with those who explicitly look for trouble.While agencies offer assembly line efficiency and economy of scale, some marriage minded men want to take more control of the process.

This mix between a set of instruction and a service offer may be of interest to those who prefer the do-it-yourself approach.

CLICK HERE Individual Search - personalized matchmaking services offered by Russian Brides Cyber Guide. Why aren't we swamped with requests for this unique and truly valuable service?

My conservative estimate is that finding, exporting, and divorcing your Russian bride, plus mopping things up afterwards, will cost you $30 000 if you get off the hook lightly, thus a $300 contribution to my agricultural project. $100 is on the way to the address you gave with note you stipulated, with gratitude that you can never know.

I have to say, that as foolish as I may feel now, this was a good, if slightly expensive, learning experience for me. Information about people is among the types of information we work with.

Through your wise words and insight I have paid only a fraction of the total stupidity in which I was about ready to be engaged..... We see, however, that our capabilities as communication consultants (Pasha), sociologists (Olesya), and Russian experts (both) can be easily applied to the needs of many of our foreign guests coming to Russia to meet their would-be wives.

There also are men who come to Russia to play about.