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Chat with girls in vietnam

Lordy I wish I had read Stickman's website before I had gone to Vietnam to meet my beauty queen.One thing I've learned (it may not be true for all Asian girls) but that is, if you don't have the money, nor the intention to marry them one day after meeting them, they will run to the next guy in line.

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I had first met Phan (that's not her real name) online in a Vietnam chat room and was smitten with her OMG-looks, and I was very happy that she would let me view her webcam whenever she was online, so after a few months of chatting and sending her money , I decided to go visit her, (with no intention of marrying her, just visiting!! I like reading books, travelling, I hope to make friends with those who have same interests. I have learned English and Japanese for so long but i cant speak well. In return, i am willing to help you with Vietnamese, Vietnamese culture or anything else about Vietnam if you are interested in. I like reading and making friend from other country. Please feel free to send me 'hi' ^^ 大家好! 我学中文学了四年了。但是我的中文水平还差得远。所以希望能找到会说英语后者日语的语伴。请多关照: D 안녕하세요. I do like Kdrama a lot, so I have started learning Korean for several months. I wanna improve my Japanese speaking skill and i will teach you Vietnamese. So I would be happy if somebody could help me to improve my conversational ability. Besides, I have over three years of experience in teaching Japanese. 잘 부탁드립니다^^ Hello, my name is Vy, I am looking for some friends to practice English (advanced) and Korean (beginner level). As for English, I have been studying it for decades, but I still cannot speak it so fluently. I can help you to practice Vietnamese if you would like to.

ㅋㅋ Viet Nguyen93 Hi every one, My name is Man, 23 years old, now i want to learn Japanese, so I'm looking for exchange partner to study.

I really want to apply for Korea company so i learn Korean everyday.

Well I finally decided to sit down and send a report to the famous Stickman site, (After 3 years of lurking / reading the stories & antics from other foreign travelers).

) This was going to be my first trip out of the USA and so I went thru the process of getting a passport, visa etc, and let me tell ya, that took some time / effort & money.

So finally in Nov 2003 I get everything ready and I take off for Vietnam, on China airline's, (a very cool airline's I might add).

So I get into Hanoi, with no clue how to get from the airport to the Hotel I had paid online to stay at.