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Consolidating photos mac

That being said, for the last year or so I’ve been hearing more and more about Synology Disk Station products.

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With today marking the release of 5.0, the company’s biggest software update yet, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share my experience.**I’m not going to spend too much time on the setup: if you can work a screwdriver, you can install hard drives into the NAS yourself, [so we’ll leave that for the end.] Once you’ve installed your drives, connected your Disk Station to your router, and run through a quick and easy wizard to configure everything, you can start setting up your own private cloud.You’re presented with a web based user interface that is completely familiar to any Mac or PC user called the Disk Station Manger (DSM).It feels almost like a full operating system in your browser and the 5.0 update brings DSM a completely new streamlined UI (pictured throughout this review) along with some performance upgrades and new features.A “desktop” displays a few preinstalled apps like “File Station” (aka your Finder-like file browser), Control Panel (aka system preferences), and a handful of other utilities and apps.It also works just like a traditional desktop: you can launch, run, and minimize multiple apps simultaneously, resize windows for each, and view all open apps with an Expose style feature.

You can of course do a lot of things you’d expect from a NAS: manage your storage space, access your files from anywhere, schedule and oversee backups, but things really get interesting when you start installing some of the optional packages from DSM’s app store-like “Package Center.” Apps | First I downloaded a few apps that would let me to move the majority of my content that was previously scattered across a handful of online services to my new private cloud: Video Station, Audio Station, and Photo Station.

The apps automatically pull in all of the content that I drag and drop and organize into folders in the File Station.

I’ll admit, I’ve never felt the need to purchase network-attached-storage (NAS) hardware for storing and accessing my media or backing up my files.

These days most of my content, from photos and movies to back ups of important files for work, are already stored in the cloud.

My photos are (supposed to) auto backup to Photostream in i Cloud, i Tunes has all of my music downloadable from all my devices from the cloud, and any important files and everything else go directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Around 90% of my content is already stored and accessible from anywhere in the cloud.