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Dating bases list

I'm fine with 1Direction, but their fans is so annoying I want to slap them-_-here's a few of hundreds of reason I hated directioners:1. Narcissistic (if you come to my class and met my friends, you will understand)2. Because of the actions of a few you should not judge the whole fandom. I love one direction and I have from the very beginning. When they don't want their idol to be called like that. Not all Directioners are narcissistic and annoying I personally love the band but I don't like voice that opinion that often.

Sones are also well known for making greatly exaggerated claims about the appearance and abilities of the Girls' Generation members, and for viciously denying any unflattering truths about Girls' Generation. I was nervous to be honest because I don't like them and when I was being honest she got mad at me. Yeah, I'm sure that they blow their money on Nicki Minaj concert tickets, plastic surgery, crappy wigs, her music on ITunes and revealing clothing. They have virtually no respect, just like their idol.Beliebers (Justin Bieber)Beliebers sometimes are annoying in the sense that they threaten his girlfriend and which I think its wrong... His fans threaten his girlfriend, like hell, that is so wrong. Why threaten his girlfriend, seriously, jealous much? There's virtually nothing Sones won't do to make Girls' Generation appear more popular and well-liked than they actually are. stupid cat lady So rude and annoying as hell, bash every other artist, tell you to kill yourself etc.Somehow they should respect their idols However, their idol doesn't respect them either, so why should they? I don't care if they like Justin that's fine with me, but, They are obsessed! It's not Justin Bieber I can't stand, I can tolerate him a little bit. Quit being butthurt fans and accept the fact he is dating. If, like most people, you don't care much for Girls' Generation, don't worry; Sones will try to jam Girls' Generation down your throat anyway. They are so arrogant, they think that the vast majority of people are fans.My 2 best friends are Beliebers, they don't stop talking about him and his "awesome" voice and his "cool" face, even if they know I don't like him. Sones try to spread Girls' Generation like they're spreading a religion. Super junior worked hard and We worked hard ;both of us;please let's this relationship to support SJ with it forever ;after all ;we are "EVER LASTING FRIENDS " Oh please, they are just lowlives. While all fandoms are at least a little bit blind to faults, but Swifties are most blind to faults, most fandoms can accept it if there idol has actually done something bad, but Swifties can't, they believe everything Taylor says, they are convinced Taylor is an innocent victim in her feud with Katy Perry. I love Taylor Swift and their fans are absolutely correct and fine not like the stupid directioners Jonasheads (Jonas Brothers)THEY ARE SO CRAZY AND THE MUSIC SUCKS I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEIR MUSIC THEY SHOULD BE NUMBER 2 IN THIS LIST Do they even still exist? When I was in 5th grade, one of my friends asked me if I like Jonas Brothers. I'm a nice director sorry for the spelling mistakes, I'm fine with you liking Justin Bieber. Shes clam Sones (Girls Generation)Sones are brainwashed no-life drone followers who live to make Girls' Generation appear more popular than they actually are, and manipulating/cheating online polls, contests & charts is their forte. - Dynasti Noble Swifties (Taylor Swift)The only reason shes famous is because half her fans are lonely and can relate to her love sickening songs...They are also known for creating many alternate accounts on You Tube and forums so that they can pretend to be newcomers who are pleasantly surprised by Girls' Generation's music and appearance (in an effort to sway ..99.8% of SONEs are incredibly moronic. Just glad that the Jonas Brothers disbanded Wait, the jonas brothers still have fans? She sings all about the wrong things and delivers the worst messages! They go around insulting other fan bases when they tell the truth: her ass isn't real.

The majority of that 99.8% are naive children & teens. - Blackclover01 Barbies (Nicki Minaj)Nicki Minaj is ruining the music industry. One told me they hope I die because I said I didn't like her rapping.

Some are adults and some even have college degrees, but they're all still morons who are totally duped by the PR statements of the SNSD members and SM Entertainment; duped by the members' charming & emotional appearances on variety shows and the mostly-scripted backstory of their grueling training, dorm-life struggles and their battle to realize their pop performer dreams. Super junior the last man standing I don't care if we are annoying to you or not. Her music is very controversial for teens and pre-teens to be listening to. Her songs just throw together rhyming words, cuss words, and some sexual innuendos and then she calls it good. I was usually a barbie but now I don't like her UGLY dorky songs.

I like meant I love one direction and some the fans are annoying.

But some of them are annoying, when me and mom went to one of their concerts these two girls were annoying.

: He is not all that, there are so more who are much better. - Swag Flicks Directioners (One Direction)So annoying. I try to walk somewhere and they stop me and my friends wanting to take photos of him because he looks like all of them into one... Why would they think taking a photo with someone who doesn't even look like any of them will make them cool? There's just a load of annoying fan girls everywhere and it's driving me crazy. I love one direction but some of the fans are nice.

Immature (sending death threat to Big Bang after they beat your precious 1D on MTV TRL? Now that they're more famous now and they've got more fans though..