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Dating famous guy

Please don't hate on me if you don't do well. There is no- Please choose your best guess of the correct spelling.

dating famous guy-63

Pleasure to meet you.- Error-Kun: Now you may be mad but what is your favorite color? pls don't judge me ;-; (Plus i kinda bad at english ;w;) What is your favorite color? - Tiffy: I know it's me again but I'm alone this time but the first question is how old are you- Tiffy:don't get mad at me but what's your favorite color- Tiffy:what's your eye color (tell the truth- Tiffy:do you like yandere simulator - Hello everyone and welcome to my first quiz! And yes, this is a real word.- Please choose your best guess of the correct spelling. Had to be Undertale, but that's besides the point. (or which is your favorite if you haven't played)- What is your favorite flavor?

- On your first run did you do a Pacifist, Genocide, or Neutral run?

- Your crush needs advice after a break-up but instead kisses you out of the blue. - What trait are others most likely to be envious of?

In these, it would be a mix (half one color, half another), so really, what mix is your soul?

What is your- Next question, what color is your soul?

Anyways, let's get started right off the bat with you guys trying to kill me!

- So for this next question, I'ma bring out Inktale Sans!