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Dating older guys how old is too old

Don't blow it by trying to be "hip" like the guys her age.

by Ron Louis & David Copeland Pay attention, all you horny guys who want to date younger women - this is for you. Here's an email we got recently: Dear Dating gurus, I want to date hot young women, but always fail.I'm 35, and would love to sleep with girls I see on campus (I live in a college town). Signed, "Clueless" David: Ah, the younger woman..much sought-after babe.But if you are 35+, women in their early 20s would never want you, right? First, you must realize that many younger women are more attracted to older men than they are to those drones their own age.They want someone who is sensitive, mature, and experienced. So you want to find those 20-year olds who want an older man. He inspires a blog all the fuc@#$@# time, according to Shogo.(That’s a direct quote from him right next to me-but then he really does inspire blogs all the fuc@! So give him some credit.) But he definitely inspired this blog. How old is too old to be sharing a sofa with your roommate watching TV?

At what age should you no longer be shopping with another man for furniture? How old is too old to have to take turns cleaning another man’s toilet?

How old is too old to have to leave your apartment on a Friday night because your roommate has a hot date who he wants to cook dinner for without you around?

How old is too old for you to have a roommate, just because you want to live in the middle of the bustling city when you can really live five or ten minutes away and get a place to yourself? How attractive do you find a man when you go back to his house and his roommate is laying there on the sofa on a Friday night with his hand buried knuckle-deep into his ball socket sitting there in his boxers watching television?

Or when you walk into a man’s apartment for the very first time and his roommate is there playing XBox with three other guys, drinking canned beer where one of them happens to be sitting on the lawn chair dragged in from the patio because they had no extra chairs?

How old is too old to have a roommate and when is it time to grow up and live on your own?

Forget about how old is too old to be living with your parents…that’s a whole other blog.