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Dating someone who has ptsd

The next few days were intense – wondering when he’d ask me out again, trying to play it cool while still seeming interested.Trying to decipher the intention between those blue i Message bubbles and bugging my (incredibly patient) friends to help me analyze.

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He ended up disappearing, just as so many have before him, into what I can only imagine is a world of eligible, yet emotionally unavailable men. ) Maybe it’s getting older or how I’ve had my heart toughened up after four years of being on my own in one of the most notoriously single cities in the world – but this time around, I was a little appalled at my own behavior.After one great date, I let myself not only get excited, disappointed, hopeful, and fearful, all within 48 hours.And though I would never belittle those who genuinely have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder…I do think they’re something to be said about dating PTSD.And I’m pretty sure that I have it…and you might too. It’s all of that anxiety that follows a promising first encounter.The moment you become interested and you realize that this person could be different from all the rest, you automatically start hearing that voice that reminds you that this too, could not work out.When I matched with a tall, seemingly-charismatic man with a big smile online, I’ll be the first to admit I was a little skeptical.

He looked almost too good to be true, and when he made reservations for our first date instead of leading it up to the happy hour gods, I found that old familiar voice in the back of my head that warns: “Uh, oh.

This could be trouble.” A few drinks and a shared appetizer later, we were walking around, chatting and stopping to kiss underneath the light and the allure of the night, and that voice was only getting louder.

By the time he walked me home, said he couldn’t wait to see me again and texted me when he got home, the voice was so loud and my mind was so foggy that I could barely come up with a clever text in return.

It puts up your guard and makes you question your sanity.

(And could run up your cell phone bill with all the screenshotting of text messages to be sent to your friends for a deeper investigation into what he really means with that emoji.) What Causes Dating PTSD?

If you’re an active dater, on and offline, you’ve had more than your fair share of emotional rollercoasters. You get your hopes up, only to pick them up, and go back at it again.