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Dating your schwinn

These days, romance occasionally wears a flannel shirt and drinks flights of craft beer at a local microbrewery.

), get your date to do the same, and go for a pleasure cruise dressed to the nines.Turn heads in the bike lanes, hold hands as you pedal through the park.Pack a bottle of bubbly in your pannier and cap the evening off with a toast to yourselves, you look fantastic! Go on a bicycle brewery tour In today’s ever-changing cultural landscape, the norms by which our grandparents’ generation did the courting dance no longer universally apply.Once the dominion of Parisian sidewalk cafés and clinking glasses of Pinot Noir, romance itself has taken on new meaning in the modern world. The long, warm evenings and endless string of sunny days almost call out to you with the promise of new love interests or perhaps the rekindling of old flames.Whether you’re giddy with anticipation for that first kiss or looking to spice things up for a milestone anniversary, a great date can help make the moment all that more memorable.

Long walks on the beach are fine, sure, but why walk when you can ride?

Summertime is all about adventures, and what’s more fun than bicycle adventures?

Get the wheels spinning in your love life with these fun bicycle date ideas.

What could possibly be more romantic than a candlelit picnic in the park as the summer sun fades into sunset.

Bring a bottle of wine, a blanket to cozy up on, and your favourite shareable snacks (chocolate-dipped strawberries anyone? With the wide range of pannier and basket options now available, including pannier coolers specifically for moments like this, going for a bike picnic has never been easier. If you want to go on a fancy date but you lack the occasion, just invent one.

Check out our guide How to Plan a Bike Picnic in 15 Minutes if you’re looking for a little inspiration. You don’t need tickets to the opera or dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town as an excuse to go glam. Throw on your Sunday best (yes, you can bike in a suit!