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David coleman dating doctor pick up lines

David Coleman is known nationwide as The Dating Doctor.He has been honored thirteen times as The National Speaker of the Year– 10 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities.

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He is a highly sought after speaker, author, entertainer, radio and television personality.” Coleman’s delivery method and presentation were very humorous and entertaining.He had everyone in the room laughing at almost every point that he made whether he was sharing a funny pickup line that should never be used like, “Hey baby, they call me the Love Pirate so give me all your booty,” or when he was discussing a common relationship issue like not being able to approach the person you are attracted to, or as Coleman calls it, “the hmm theory of attraction.” The hmm theory of attraction, he went on to explain, is when a person sees someone who they are attracted to but never approaches them.“The hmm is someone who stops you dead in your tracks, they don’t even know you’re checking them out,” said Coleman.Mostly though, he’s friends with AJ & Jordan and stopped by to kick it with us while doing a couple gigs in California.Of course, we hit record and chopped up some solid advice for your listening pleasure.

The Dating Doctor David Coleman gave an interactive lecture on Thursday Oct.

16 at the Sacramento State University campus about relationship issues that college students face.

During the two hour event hosted by UNIQUE, Coleman discussed everything from breaking the ice; to what a healthy relationship is; to getting over a heartbreak.

Before addressing popular relationship issues, Coleman gave a motivational speech directed at every person in the room.

He said one should not look for the person who will complete him or her but instead look for someone who complements their life.

“Every single day you need to say wake up and say to yourself, ‘I would so date me,’ ” he said, “because if you are not your own greatest walking ambassador, if you wouldn’t choose to date you how can you expect anyone else to want to date you?