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"We were also able to keep her with us for a few days and we worked together with her and our social worker and psychologist," she said."We got her family to come in and we had some supervised sessions between her and her father to understand what his concerns were, why he had reacted like that, help him understand what had happened to her and that it wasn't her fault."The pair reconciled and the girl returned home.In the years since the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, the problem of sexual violence has increased.

The crimes are committed both by strangers and people known to the victim.Tasmanian doctor Lisa Searle was just 15 herself when she decided she wanted to work for the humanitarian medical aid organisation.Dr Searle said the young Haitian girl's case had stuck with her from her four months spent establishing the clinic."Her father became very angry at her, blamed her for being attacked, said that she was out at the wrong time in the wrong street, and basically said that she was now not marriageable and that he would no longer have her living in his house," she said."So she luckily managed to make it to our clinic and she was in a very distressed state when she got to us, she was upset, she had nowhere else to go." The clinic helped her to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.About a third of the victims are under 18 and some are as young as 12.

"Following the earthquake there were a lot of displaced people in internally displaced person camps around Haiti and there was a greatly increased number of sexual violence cases happening," she said.

"And at the same time most of the existing services in Haiti were destroyed by the earthquake so it was quite difficult for people who'd been victims of sexual violence to access help."Despite five years passing, most of the services have not been rebuilt.

A 15-year-old girl is raped by two strangers on her way to the market in Port-au-Prince, the capital of the Caribbean country of Haiti.

She makes it home and the distressed teenager tells her family what happened.

Her father says she has disgraced herself and the family, then he beats her and kicks her out of home.

She ends up at a new sexual violence clinic in Port-au-Prince, set up by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).