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Lisa robertson and bradley bayou dating

Taking care of the skin used to be about just cleansing and moisturizing but today, there are so many trailblazing technologies and ingredients giving women different options that can make a difference in how we age.” My Favorite Wrinkle Eraser “I am a big fan of Botox, especially for getting rid of the ‘11s’ between my brows.

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But by the time I hit 40, the weight started to stick and I didn’t like it. I’m very good about taking care of my skin, but in the end you have to decide what works for you and what you are willing to put into it.I feel that if you’re in a good place emotionally and take care of your body and skin, it shows.” How Aging Is Affecting Me “When I was younger I was able to follow a basic skin-care routine, but now anti-aging is my primary concern—texture, pore size, discoloration, lines and wrinkles are what I focus on.I find fighting the effects of aging on my neck to be a challenge.I’m interested in trying out some noninvasive treatments for spot-treating the body, too.” The Future Of Beauty “At-home beauty devices have been a huge innovation and I think will continue to be for QVC and the beauty industry as a whole. They make it easy to get the results that you could only get from a doctor or aesthetician before.{"user Extra Data":{"autologin":null},"initial Page Context":{"PAGE_LOAD_REQUEST_IDENTIFIER":"277154956860","report Browser Resource Timings":true,"report Page Load Timings":true,"pinterest RID":"277154956860","report Interaction Timings":false,"report Periodic Resource Timings":false},"initial Page Info":{"meta":{"al:android:app_name":"Pinterest","al:android:package":"com.pinterest","al:android:url":"pinterest:\/\/ Robertson QVC | Lights, Camera, Style.

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Southern women are raised in an environment where looking your best is almost second nature.

“I grew up around women that were always ‘done.’ Having perfect hair and makeup and good skin wasn’t something we thought about—it was inherent,” says Lisa Robertson.

After a stint as Miss Tennessee, The QVC host landed a gig with the TV retailer (19 years ago) and has been helping women find the best products for their beauty needs ever since.

My Beauty Philosophy “I’ve been entrenched in the world of beauty since I was a little girl.