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Microsoft forefront not updating client

With Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Update Rollup 1, you now can deploy Forefront Endpoint Protection definition updates to clients by using the Configuration Manager console.There are multiple definition update releases per day, thus making it time-consuming to manually download and deploy each definition update through the Configuration Manager Console.

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The tool will download the latest definition update and update the specified software update deployment with the latest definition.Configuring this tool to run automatically with Windows Task Scheduler or via a Configuration Manager Status Filter Rule can keep a deployment up to date without continuous and repetitive manual processes.This example will use local machine as Site Server and use the default Update Filter.It will add the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update into Assignment “FEPDeployment” and Package “FEP” and refresh the Distribution Points if any updates were made to the deployment package.Note: This tool will only download the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update and add it to the existing deployment and package.It will not synchronize the definition update into Configuration Manager.

It is still necessary to run software update synchronization to synchronize the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update into the Configuration Manager database before you run this tool.

Please refer to How to Configure Software Updates Synchronization() for information on how to configure the software update synchronization.

As a best practice, before you run this tool, always make sure that a scheduled software update synchronization has completed.

The status filter Rule runs the tool under the System account.

To enable the tool to download, make sure the system account has the appropriate proxy settings.

One option to configure the proxy settings for localsystem is to use the BITSAdmin Tool (for more information on the BITSAdmin Tool, click A proper schedule for software update point synchronization is necessary to keep your Forefront Endpoint Protection clients up-to-date.