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Sarah slean dating

“They just come from two different families.” Slean’s trek to has admittedly come after a few hard knocks.

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Sarah's website and last news letter indicated that both Europe and US dates are coming up. The following tour production company site points out that that Sarah will be also touring with Royal Wood from the 21st to the 26th. The only confirmed European date so far is January 26 in Paris.The details for these shows are still not known or confirmed.Sarah starts touring for "The Huron Carole" starting November 21st and her Canadian tour for 'Sea' commences in February.” Think this sounds like a scene straight out of a Judy Garland picture? In fact, much of the 34-year-old Pickering, Ont., native’s inspiration is fuelled by old Hollywood musicals.“If you listen closely to the chords off the soundtracks to those Garland and Hepburn-type movies, you realize the genius at work there,” she says, two months later in a café on the other side of town.

“On the surface,” she explains, the songs in films like , Slean was dreaming so deeply she felt motivated to craft two albums at once.

“It’s almost as if two different people were writing two different albums,” she says of the song segregation, noting that the title has nothing to do with where the songs were born geographically.

—she kicks off her heels and runs over to listen to the playback with a kid-at-Christmas grin.

It’s evident that the state-of-the-art studio in Toronto’s east end where she’s working has become Slean’s playground.

While it is populated by a 23-piece orchestra and a room filled with middle-aged recording experts, everyone remains silent until Slean’s ear makes a call.

Around the three-minute mark—just when the song hits its string-heavy climax—she turns to the pack of engineers futzing about with buttons and knobs and jubilantly says: “Gentlemen, more bells and whistles, please!