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Sedating children for travel

From asking friends, our own pediatrician and perusing parenting forums it’s safe to say this is a split decision.Just as many pediatricians seem to recommend it as don’t.

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All pupils’ parents ticked a box on the cycle training consent form to say "I consent to my child being included in photographs taken for promotional material to promote Sustrans work".I mean, let’s be perfectly honest, if I had a magic sleeping potion for myself – and no kids, mind you – on a long haul flight, you’d better believe I’d take it.But should you make the same decision for your child?Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, but here are some things to consider before loading up that syringe 30,000 feet in the air.The fitness guru Jack La Lanne once swam to the island pulling a rowboat, and several years ago two 10-year-old children also made the swim.If a person is well-trained and -conditioned, it is possible to survive the cold waters and fast currents.

However, for prisoners – who had no control over their diet, no weightlifting or physical training (other than situps and pushups), and no knowledge of high and low tides – the odds for success were slim.

Thursday 11th Feb 2010 (cold) cycle training session at Bitterne Park Junior School in Southampton.

One of the many myths about Alcatraz is that it was impossible to survive a swim from the island to the mainland because of sharks.

In fact, there are no "man-eating" sharks in San Francisco Bay, only small bottom-feeding sharks.

The main obstacles were the cold temperature (averaging 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit), the strong currents, and the distance to shore (at least 1-1/4 miles).

Prior to the Federal institution opening in 1934, a teenage girl swam to the island to prove it was possible.