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Shin hye sung dating

KRW is an big actor much senior and achieved lots in his career he is not newbie that he will act as second lead.obvisly he is main lead who gets female lead..must watched his other dramas love story in havard,roof cat and punch etc...except punch he acts romantic hero in all his drama.. I use to like the teacher-student relationship of kim rae won's character and Hye jung because it was very ideal and the guy was mature but then there came Yoon Do's character. In first 2 episodes they were just setting the background for the main story,.. but I hope you're understand it anyway.sorry for my harsh words... Punch drama is AMAZING, compare to this one is just NOTHING!

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Yoon Do is tall and stocky while Hye jung is fit and pretty. Enough of the romance already-- and I'm also curious about Hye Jung's step sister. Hahaha I just can't help it when they are together they look so cute. They still give me the feelings of teacher and student.. Kim rae won realy great in this drama i realy like acting him but i like rae won and shin hye have better kiss because first kiss is weak but i realy like they dancing each other and feeling good but i like they have kiss like another miss oh :) many viewers expressed their disappointment over the two lead kissing,c'mon it's not that bad..i personally think it should be that way,just more like a long pack because i assumed it could be hye jung first kiss,the guy used to be her teacher and to him his ex student,they haven't started their relationship yet formally i mean hye jung need times to figure out her real feeling for him,its his way of showing he cares...thinking of them having a hot or passionate kiss at their first is way more weirder don't you agree? :) In ep 6 of Doctors, when Dr Hong Ji Hong told Dr Yoo Hye Jung, “Can’t you just enjoy your life like everyone else now? I HV seen his all dramas his acting is awesome......his kissing scene are awesome... everyone who watch ep3 and 4 will waiting for the next ep.. more to " judge the books by its cover"..said bad medical drama? Even in Splash Splash Love, the female lead satisfied because she got nosebleeding while she finally studying hard to help the palace. While park shinhye is in her prime, I've never seen her so beautiful, I think that its her hair that made her more attractive. I do wish they were a bit more accurate with post op care though.I think this drama is good telling people relationship between mother,his daughter and father.Park Shin-Hye And Kim Rae-Won Great Couple In This Drama And second Couple This Drama I Think Was Lee Sung-Kyung And Yoon Gyun-Sang And Keep Going This Drama Doctors I Am Realy Fan This Drama Fighting....... I love this drama so muchhhhhh.......everytime the episode ends....can't wait for the next one.....still 14 more episodes to go......where is ep 7 trailer?Park Shin Hye...are such a beautiful and humble actress, an all out one.Anybody can tell me why there are nasty comments about her?After 6 episodes, I'm starting to like Park Shin Hye with Yoon Gyun San too. lol i have this weird feeling though,because i kinda ship her with gyun sang i'm being weird. ” and she replied “I’d never had the privilege to be normal.” It makes me realize “The things we take for granted, someone else is praying for.” Now will start each day with a grateful heart. Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won & Cast & crew of Doctors Fighting!! At first I don‘t want watch this drama because of PSH, but now I like this drama because of her. it's their first kiss and I dnt think they will show us passionate kiss's my thoughts..I love this drama!!!!! so please don't judge too fast @K8m me...cast, PD did a good job.totally agreed.bad scripts? I don't know why you said that bc ep1/ep2 ..there's was only one scene involve with Medical part( Hong ji Hong trying to save a pregnant lady on the street) other than this there was None others scene...medical sene only started in ep4 and to say Doctors was a bad medical drama ? this is the first drama that i watched wherein i'm ok or i dont if Park shinhye will end up with raewon or gyun sang. Whatever style you’re fighting in Doctors drama, your movements’re fluid and elegant to watch. Also technically it was her introduction day so anything pretty much done that day could be forgiven under the right circumstances.

@No name : Thank you for taking the time to respond to my earlier comment. After hearing “That love (She loved or It’s Love)” by Jung Yup that you mentioned for a few times, felt the tune of the song didn’t quite match the music played during the helicopter scene in ep 4. But, what with that kiss scene, the timing is good, but I don‘t like their expression DAEBAK!!!! well i dont care what others said about this drama .me ..i fell in love with this drama alot..i am really curious for every each drama .love your story .be waiting for more ..thank you so much for all those smile u have gave me with this story. If u guys watch running man ep 304 it'll be great bcs PSH, LSK, YGS, KMS were there and I'd fall in love with YGS.. Doctors' official instagram acc is doctors.kdrama @Name Of Music.. everything about the past in this story is just beautiful. Park Shin Hye, in ep 1 of Doctors drama, your action scenes on weibo have reached over 12 million views and more... at least watching it untill ep4 or more .you realised how unfair your comments was? I like the plot cause it's not a too good to be true drama. Like what you said: "Success is meaningful only when you have someone to share it with." and agree with you on "Still there're things you lose but you can never forget." You look so cool while saying "Are you risking a life to stay out of trouble? The drama so far has been really clever, funny, sad and sometimes questionable, but overall really good.

x DD increible el ranting , FIGHTING y no me la pierdo por nada de este mundo que lindos comentarios kamsamnida chingus yo tengo que q esperar un poquito en Cubita es todo lento pero vale la pena pq cuando la pueda ver dare mi comentario ,lm so happy por DOCTORS.. Just watching it bcuz "another oh haeyoung" finally ended and i dont have any other drama i want to watch. fighting Why do I like Yoon do more than Ji-Hong ?? Only know Doctors’ current two sound tracks’re “No Way” by Artist Park Yong In & Kwon Soon II of Urban Zakapa & “Sunflower” by Younha ft. No idea what’s the title of music during the helicopter scene in ep 4. i honestly enjoy ahjussi romance better than a noona romance. I didnt expect that this drama would be a hit when i first heard about it. If u want to find out then watch the rest of the drama!! Of course the teacher and student relationship felt a little rushed but I think that's because if they spent too much time on the build up they would get their episodes cut.

She has not done anything wrong to those people.....

After watching ep 6, we’re glowing and the energy comes right through the screen. “Life is not about waiting for a storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” Dancing and feeling so happy now. Oh Choong Hwan, Ha Myung Hee, Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won & Doctors & Staff Fighting!

Dear Doctors, like the scenic view @51.21 mins of ep 3 when Kim Joo Chul drove Yoo Hye Jung in his motorbike. Want to know more about how Dr Yoo Hye Jung overcame her many struggles in the past 13 years. It’d be great to skip scenes on YHJ’s dad with her step-mom & step-sis totally but instead show more on her mom & grand-mom please. Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Kim Ji Soo & Cast & Crew of Doctors Fighting!

I feel shipping hey Jung with other is not wiseble as the leads are very big actors.. I am KRW fans and dissapointed with him why he choose bad script like this.