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Singapore aura dating

Topics include how to get over an ex, how to deal with office romances, what to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you, what to do when your partner is having a quarter-life crisis and leaving you behind, how to know whether a guy is a player, how to start conversations with girls in Singapore, why girls cheat on guys, why guys cheat on girls, whether emotional infidelity is still cheating and what to do about it, why girls are attracted to assholes, what to do when you make more money than your man, how to get a girlfriend or spouse to want sex more often, and what to do when your “soul mate” is already married. Tian onto the “Love Songs” show after hearing about him from friends at Mediacorp--the parent company of the station--who described Dr.Having helped thousands of men and women find success in their dating lives since 2007, David Tian, who has his Ph. from the University of Michigan, was a professor of Asian philosophy at the National University of Singapore before he resigned to take up his current post as managing director of Aura Dating (Pte. Tian as personable, knowledgeable, and precisely what the show was looking for.

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They can also call in to “The Date Doctor” radio show to speak live with David Tian and Marilyn Lee on Class 95 FM in Singapore. Ltd.) Aura Dating Academy is Singapore's biggest and best dating academy. Aura Dating Academy's mission is to empower singles in Singapore with the social skills, emotional intelligence, and dating strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life; to equip people with a proven system for achieving success in their social lives, dating lives, and love lives; and to provide a total solution for excellence in relationships and lifestyle. In Limitless, you’ll discover the proven, step-by-step formula that takes you from being a social “zero” to being “The Man” with women and cool people (and, faster than you ever expected, you will make this formula your own). especially if you want to invest in yourself, getting the dating and other key social skills that will pay off for a lifetime. -- internationally acclaimed dating coach, former professor at one of Asia's top universities, and director of Aura Dating Academy, the largest academy in the world for training people in dating skills and social intelligence. D., is an entrepreneur, business owner, academic researcher, author, coach. He is currently director of Aura Dating Academy, owner of Aura Transformation Corp., and investor in a number of other private companies in media publishing, men's lifestyle, and health and fitness.

He has his doctorate from the University of Michigan, has multiple graduate degrees from Michigan and the University of Toronto, and has held fellowships from Harvard, Princeton, U-Michigan, U-Toronto, Peking University, Massey College, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, among others, and has received numerous academic awards, including the Simeon H.

D., managing director of Aura Dating Academy, joins Marilyn Lee as co-host of the new "The Date Doctor" segment on the nightly “Love Songs” radio show on Class 95 FM, Singapore’s most listened-to radio station.

The show features dating coach David Tian and radio DJ Marilyn Lee responding to love and dating questions sent in by live call-in, email, and SMS.

On the show, Tian and Lee tackle tough dating, sex, love, and relationship topics in the socially conservative country of Singapore, which has a sizable Muslim population.

The show airs live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-11 PM.

The themes David Tian and Marilyn Lee cover on the show are relevant to married or engaged couples, couples in a dating relationship, divorcees, and single girls and guys.