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Speed dating odessa

The big brain movie goer will enjoy a documentary about cyber espionage that may have saved the […]It’s the week of July 4th and so there is plenty to celebrate this week.

The evolving world of dating has turned millions to social media outlets like Tinder to find "the one", but daters in the Permian Basin, say online dating is getting old and they're looking to things like speed dating to meet that special someone.Sam Jennings, the former Prince Webmaster, has put together 20 years of Prince websites all onto one page.Prince was creative and showy with his websites […]For the third week in a row, Finding Dory has won the weekend at the box office, taking down multiple new flicks and other bigger name movies.The long weekend meant Finding Dory brought in just over $50 million, putting its total at $330 million in domestic revenue.So, how did everyone else do this […]We’re now headed to the warmest weather of the year. Hollywood delivers the goods this weekend with the latest installment of the fantasy/comic book films in ‘Captain Fantastic’ starring Viggo Mortensen.Local Therapist Thomas Stanger agrees dating online isn't always the safest route.

He said it's an easier way for sexual assaults to happen, espeically if you don't agree to meet someone in a public place after talking online.

Doctor Stanger told Local 2 News the hallmark issue he's noticed in relationships is making assumptions about people.

It has been weeks since the tragedy in Orlando, but people aren’t forgetting about what happened.

Some of those people we’re talking about are artists who want to give back.

We’ve discussed in the past about artists paying tributes to those who lost their lives on that sad day, but now there are plenty that […]Shawn Mendes has been a hot commodity since he released the single “Stitches” and now we’re begging for more.

Our plead for new music from him has been heard and he has officially announced a release date of September 23rd for his album, “Illuminate.” This album will be his second of his short career and […]Prince was a creative performer and artist, always pushing the envelope with his work and now we have an opportunity to see all of his creativity on one site.