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Vb net combo box validating

Private Sub Combo Selected Index Changed(sender As System. already is a sub, one that just has a handler attached to it inline. Selected Index Changed 'Fire Validated Event End Sub Private Sub Combo Validated(sender As System. What code can I execute to fire the validated event (either by fire the event directly or by causing the control to lose focus)?

vb net combo box validating-69

That would do mostly the same thing as just calling into the method with null parameters.If NIC is selected 9 Digits and V like wise, please help thank you ...provided...Your code seems to be changing the mask when you call the validate function but the mask should be changed when the drop down list is changes.You should use the Selected Index Changed event of the Drop Down List something like this.... Text Mask Format = "00000000v" Case "Passport" textbox ID.Protected Sub ddl Id Type_SIC () Handles ddl Id Type. Text Mask Format = "00000000" 'change to whatever your passport mask is Case "SSN" textbox ID.I think it's just slightly clearer to call the I solved this by making the control lose focus which then fired all the neccessary events.

I am working on a small database project for myself in visual basic express 2010, on windows 7.

I have a record edit form which is displayed using Show Dialog(). Validate() End Sub Private Sub Order Status Combo Box_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Private Sub Combo Box9_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System.

Show("You have used this key twice, please go back and change one of these asignments.", "Key Assignment", Message Box Buttons.

I am sorry if this seems to be simple,but I really can't find this.

I want to validate a text box depending on a combo box selection. I want to validate text box depending on this selection.