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Who is stephanie cutter dating

"'We're gonna call their BS when we see it.' I love her! Rank-and-file Democrats, it seems, have found a new champion in the very aptly named Cutter, who is increasingly visible as the Obama team's No. With her blunt talk and relentless approach, Cutter epitomizes the hardball tone of the Obama re-elect.

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She got her start in politics answering phones for then-New York Gov.Mario Cuomo, then went to work for Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, becoming a communications staffer in the Clinton White House after the election (and getting a law degree at Georgetown at night).Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, who got to know Cutter when she subsequently went to work for Sen.Ted Kennedy, said she was shaped by the combination of idealistic liberalism and combative maneuvering that defines Massachusetts Democratic politics.Stephanie Cutter doesn't sound angry, just exasperated."The way these oil billionaires and their front group completely ignore the truth is breathtaking," she says.

"Let's take some crazy examples from their attack ad.

They claim the administration gave money to build electric cars in Finland." Here, Cutter pauses, blinks and shakes her head: "Um, no." It's a simple video -- just Cutter, the president's deputy campaign manager, talking to the camera with the help of some explanatory graphics, while the hubbub of the Obama campaign headquarters buzzes behind her.

The campaign uploaded it to You Tube in early May as a routine rapid-response effort to rebut an anti-Obama ad produced by Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing group funded in part by the Koch brothers, that was airing in some swing states.

But the video went viral beyond the campaign's wildest dreams.

It has now been viewed more than 650,000 times, making it the sixth most popular of the more than 2,000 videos uploaded by the campaign.

On You Tube, it has nearly 7,000 "likes" and is followed by page upon page of cheering comments from liberals excited to see the fight being taken to the other side. On You Tube and cable TV, in conference calls with reporters and in memos from the campaign, she can reliably be found doing one thing: taking on Republicans and Mitt Romney.