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Who was keyshia cole dating before she got married

It is unclear if Sabrina fought back, but she did call the cops and Cole was arrested.

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“I spoke to Gib last night and he came by to see munchkin. We should realize that the relationship is not going to work and it’s just not for us. We have to get over this hump of not being together first.Keyshia Cole went back to her hood-rat ways when she attacked a woman who was in Birdman’s, her rumored boyfriend’s apartment. She was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant, but was released on a $46,000 bail.But the victim, Sabrina Mercadel claims she wasn’t the other woman and has no idea why Keyshia would think that. Mercadel reportedly is an employee of Cash Money and has been for ore than 10 years.The Grammy nominated R&B songstress showed up at Rapper Birdman’s condo complex located in in West L. She and Birdman have known each other since they were young.I wouldn’t get back with you just to be a ‘friend.’ We’re married. Every time we go through things that’s an issue: ‘You’re still a married woman.’ ‘You’re still a married man.’ So if we connect and say that we’re going to start off as friends…I’m trying to figure out how it didn’t work out in the beginning. Let me ask you guys this though: Do you believe that you should still be able to talk to other people if you’re starting over in a marriage? ” Cole went on to say that it was okay for Gibson to date other women after they initially split, but when he made it seem as though he wanted to get back together, he should have known better than to try to flirt and court other people while trying to win her back.“There were things that he dealt with before that I was like, you shouldn’t just cut people off. Unfortunately, what we went through, you should speak to them young ladies or whoever they are about whatever we’re doing. But it’s not right if you’re trying to be like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s go.

I need to be with you.’ I don’t think that’s healthy. Maybe I could be living in a crazy world.” When asked whether or not there was a chance they could still work things out, Cole made it clear that she’s put herself through enough pain and that they’re “100 percent” done.

“No, we’re not going to work it out.” So instead of worrying about reuniting, Cole says their main focus needs to be on their son, Daniel, Jr.

In an interview with Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere of TMZ Live, Keyshia Cole spoke about the messy public spats she has been having as of late with her estranged husband, Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

It was an interesting interview, as Cole spoke openly on why things between the two had fallen apart, and fallen apart in the public eye yet again.

It seems that Cole finds social media therapeutic, because when she was asked if she regretted airing him out on online numerous times, she responded with “yeah, so no, I don’t.

Uh uh.” She wants everyone to know that at this point, their focus is on their child and nothing more. At the beginning of the chat, Cole was asked why she was angry about Gibson’s attempts to get to know other women, considering that they were separated and working on their “friendship.” She had this to say: “Be clear that the friendship stage is within the marriage.