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Wireless network says validating identity

Also, in wireless properties tab authentication, windows was defaulting to smart card for authentication even though I chose certificates. Thanks in advance, Mike After activating logs under log menu, I go to logs, radiusd section, and it says "Ready to process requests." But I don't see anything else, I press referesh and nothing.

wireless network says validating identity-15

I think either router or firmware is a problem, since I have already reset it rnough times, it is time for DD-WRT, I give that one a chance, it can not be worse than linksys oen firmware.I am using paul taylor's document for configuring wireless and windows clients. However, when I try to connect with windows xp client I get the message 'validating identity' for a about 2 minutes. thanks for the help noemi I am also having a 'validating identity' problem, could you please tell me what your problem was, maybe I have the same.Then I receive an error message saying it cannot find a certificate. My setup is: Linksys wrt54G with linksys own firmware (latest) Version 1 Seperate firwall, linksys on seperate network as zeroshell I have followed paul taylor's document line by line, I am just not sure what is wrong.I have also tried different laopts with different wireless cards thinking it is hardware, and still no.Apppreciate any pointers, I have been spending countless hours and no result, I need some fresh ideas.Thanks, Mike What I found was that windows wireless setup was generating another configuration after I finished mine. I opened all ports between Linksys router IP and zeroshell IP. I have wiped and re-tried zeroshell multiple times, I have reset the router, I have done all I could think of.

It did not show up until I tried to connect for the first time. If I just got an error, that would be something, It just keep saying 'validating identity' for ever. I am wiling to put DD-WRT on, if something thinks that would help.

Then when I opened wireless properties I saw that I had two configurations for the same ESSID. Maybe if someone has gotten it to work with the default linksys router, could share their experiance.

The fix was to keep the autogenerated one by windows ( it was in all caps) and remove the one I setup. Also if your running your router and zeroshell on different network, maybe you could also help there.

If at that point it act crazy, then maybe it is time to buy a new router.

Unless anyone has any other suggestion, I will change the firmware, try again and let everyone know the result which I am hoping to be positive.

Thanks, Mike Well, I installed DD-WRT, that went well, but it did not work. So I said to myself, what happens if I put both zeroshell and the wrt54g on same network, yes it works.